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Proposed changes to the Plumbing Code of Australia

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) updates the National Construction Code (NCC), which includes the Plumbing Code of Australia, every three years. The consultation phase for the 2025 revision is underway and because the ABCB wants to share information and get feedback, they are running a roadshow series in May and June, plus two webinars in May specifically for plumbers.

Spare parts for commercial kitchen tapware and backflow devices

As every maintenance plumber knows, finding replacement parts is easier said than done, especially for commercial kitchen tapware and backflow prevention devices. The good news is that two of our Associate Members have informative spare parts resources that save time and should eliminate the guesswork.

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Plumbers cleared by investigation into Iplex Pro-fit pipe problems

Good news for WA's licensed plumbers and the consumers who depend on them for quality work! Building and Energy has released the preliminary findings of its investigation into the failure of Pro-fit polybutylene plumbing pipes made by Iplex Australia. The official announcement on Wednesday 16 August says "installation work practices and workmanship were not the cause of the pipe failures."

Articles 1 to 10 of 37