MPA Insurance

We're committed to delivering services that not only meet the immediate needs of our members but also offer exceptional value that transcends the cost of membership. MPA Insurance epitomises this commitment by providing a suite of personalised, competitively priced insurance solutions designed exclusively for our members in the plumbing and gasfitting industry.


Leverage the Power of Community

One of the cornerstone benefits of MPA Insurance is the significant savings made possible through the collective bargaining power of our members. The concept of 'strength in numbers' allows us to negotiate more favourable terms and lower premiums, demonstrating the tangible financial benefits of MPGA membership. Indeed, for many of our members, the savings realised on insurance premiums not only offset the cost of their MPGA membership but also provide additional financial benefits.

A Membership That Pays for Itself and More

One of the most compelling arguments for MPA Insurance is its ability to make your MPGA membership self-sustaining. The savings you can achieve on insurance premiums as a member often surpass the cost of membership itself, essentially allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of MPGA membership and more, at no net cost. This unique advantage underscores our dedication to adding real, measurable value to your business and professional life.

Beyond Insurance: A Partnership for Success

Choosing MPA Insurance is more than just selecting an insurance provider; it's a strategic decision that enhances your business's financial health and secures your operational future. With policies designed to meet your specific needs and the collective power of MPGA behind you, you're not just insured; you're empowered.

Don't miss the opportunity to make your MPGA membership work harder for you. Discover how MPA Insurance can protect your business and boost your bottom line. Log into the members portal and take the first step towards maximising your membership benefits today.