Waterwise Plumber Endorsement Training

In strategic collaboration with Water Corporation, we proudly present the Waterwise Plumber Endorsement Training. This specialised training is crafted for licensed plumbing contractors and tradespeople in WA, aiming to bolster their expertise in water conservation practices and technologies.

Benefits of Being Waterwise Endorsed

  • Gain consumer trust with your commitment to saving water.
  • Enhance your business visibility through Water Corporation’s marketing initiatives.
  • Secure preferred supplier status for Water Corporation’s water-saving programs and projects.

Training Overview

The program includes 11 online, self-paced video modules, ensuring flexibility and ease of access for busy professionals. Upon completion, participants are awarded a digital certificate, Waterwise digital logo, and vehicle decals, marking their official endorsement.

Whether you’re seeking to broaden your professional horizons or specialize in water-efficient practices, our Waterwise Plumber endorsement offers a pathway to achieving your goals. Learn more about Waterwise Plumber endorsement training.

Embark on Your Training Journey

Master Plumbers WA is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation within the plumbing and gasfitting industry. Our training programs are meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs of our industry, ensuring our members and the wider plumbing community remain at the forefront of professional excellence.

Start your journey towards becoming a leader in your field today. Explore our training opportunities and discover how you can elevate your career with Master Plumbers WA.

Learn more at Water Corporation’s page about Waterwise Plumber endorsement.

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