About Us

The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA is a cornerstone of integrity and excellence in the plumbing and gasfitting industry. As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, we have been the unwavering voice and support for the professionals of Western Australia since 1901. Membership is exclusive to licensed plumbing and gasfitting contractors in Western Australia, encompassing a community of dedicated business owners, many of whom mentor the next generation of tradespeople and apprentices.

Protecting Consumers

We are committed to safeguarding consumers through various initiatives:

  • Our online directory simplifies the process of finding and verifying registered contractors, ensuring all listed members meet our stringent criteria.
  • Our Code of Conduct sets a high standard for business practices, with a dedicated Executive Committee to address any breaches, maintaining the integrity of our industry.
  • We ensure that our members' work aligns with all legal and regulatory requirements, offering a level of quality and safety not found in unregistered operations.
  • Our members are backed by public liability insurance, providing peace of mind to consumers and allowing for verification upon request.

Supporting Our Members

Our support for members is multifaceted and designed to enhance their professional growth and service quality:

  • Legislative and Technological Updates: We keep our members informed of the latest in legislation, technology, and industry products, enabling them to offer cutting-edge services.
  • Business Assistance: From marketing to business planning, we provide resources that foster business development and operational success.
  • Increased Business Opportunities: Through our online directory and the use of our recognised logo, we help members attract new business and build consumer trust.
  • Industry Advocacy: We are a powerful advocate for our members, representing their interests to government policymakers and stakeholders to ensure their voices are heard.

The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA is more than an association; it's a partnership for excellence, a hub for consumer protection, and a platform for member success.

Join us as we continue to set the standard for the plumbing and gasfitting industry in Western Australia.