See our members resources for 2022 so far, with more to come

Association news

Wow! It's only July, and look how much we have delivered for our members this year.

We went over our news items since January to compile the list below, which identifies all the new members-only resources we've created. As well as showing you where to find the resources, we've included links to the original news stories so you can see what we said at the time.

It's a long list, but it would be even longer if we included details of everything else we've started in 2022, including industry-leading activities such as the overseas recruitment program, the 2022 Awards for Excellence or Waterwise Plumber Training.

There will be lots more happening in the second half of the year, so stay informed by visiting our news feed. If you are member, keep an eye out for the monthly news email too.

Wages sheets and information sheets for the 1 July pay increase

Essential information based on the Fair Work Commission's decision on the National Minimum Wage and modern award wages.

Cost Calculator Guide

This powerful tool will help you understand the true costs of running your business and decide how much to charge.

Pricing and Estimating Guide 2022 Edition

The new edition of this highly respected publication.

Member Guide - Work Health and Safety Law

This outlines the major changes to Work Health and Safety laws and regulations that came into effect on 31 March.

Member Guide - Security of Payment Law

This explains what will happen when WA's new Security of Payment laws and regulations start on 1 August.

Member Guide - Vehicles as a workplace

This covers good practices and safety considerations for vehicles used for work.

Maintenance Works Checklists

One document with detailed checklists for 11 types of plumbing and gasfitting jobs.

Capability Statement Guide and Template

A tool for creating a document that clearly and effectively communicates the unique strengths of a business.

Terms and Conditions for 'do and charge' invoices

Properly worded Terms and Conditions to ensure you get paid for your work.

Updated employment contract templates

A refresh of templates that have long been available as members' resources.

COVID-19 vaccination policy template

A template for creating a written COVID-19 vaccination policy.