New for members - Maintenance Works Checklists

Member benefits

There are many ways this new resource can benefit our members' businesses.

Maintenance Works Checklists is a downloadable document that contains detailed checklists for 11 types of plumbing and gasfitting jobs.

Its applications include on-the-job quality control, apprentice training and helping to ensure your customers get professional service every time.

To maximise its usefulness, we have created two versions. One is a PDF document that's ready to use 'as is', the other is a Word document that members can customise or copy-paste into their own job templates.

What jobs are covered

  • Onsite gas space heating fixed or portable (bayonet)
  • Offsite or Workshop portable gas space heating
  • Domestic Drain Blockage (Sewer Connection)
  • Domestic Drain Blockages Internal (Sewer Connection)
  • Domestic Drain Blockages (ATU / Septic)
  • Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) Blockages
  • Septic Tank System Blockages
  • Tap washer replacement
  • Toilet Cistern maintenance
  • Electric Storage HWU Service and Anode replacement
  • Gas Storage HWU Service and Anode replacement

Where to find Maintenance Works Checklists

Association members can get this new resource by logging into the members-only area and selecting 'Checklists' under Members' Resources (on the left-hand side of the page).