Media Release 14 September 2022

Waterwise Plumbers save WA consumers thousands of dollars and create a more sustainable future

In addition to WA’s water supply facing serious challenges with long-term rainfall patterns trending down and demand increasing due to population growth, millions of litres are lost every year because of inefficient plumbing products and poorly designed or defective plumbing systems.

As well as wasting precious water, these losses are costly for businesses and consumers. For example, after plumbers detected and fixed a range of hidden and visible leaks, one business recently discovered it was paying more than $60,000 a year in unnecessary water use.

Stories like this underscore the importance of the Waterwise Plumber Program, which is a collaboration between Water Corporation and The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA.

The Program makes it easy for plumbers to acquire the latest knowledge about best practices in sustainable plumbing, wastewater management and water efficient product selection.

The Program is free for all licensed plumbers in WA. Those who successfully complete it gain the industry-recognised Waterwise Plumber endorsement.

A condition of the Program is that plumbers must renew their Waterwise Plumber endorsement every two years. The 2022 version of the Program is being delivered online, making it easily accessible to plumbers in every part of WA.

Although aimed at plumbers, the Program also benefits consumers by lifting their awareness of Waterwise solutions.

MPGAWA CEO Murray Thomas said, "It is no surprise that consumers look for Waterwise Plumber endorsement when choosing a plumber. We know that WA households and businesses could save considerable amounts of money and water every year by rectifying water wastage issues.”

Water Corporation’s Manager Water Efficiency Partnerships, Nadine Riethmuller said, “We appreciate the leadership and enthusiasm that MPGAWA puts into growing and promoting the Waterwise Plumbers Program. The Program allows us to confidently direct our customers to skilled and knowledgeable Waterwise service providers.”