Media Release 15 May 2020

Call to recognise WA building and construction industry COVID-19 response

Murray Thomas, CEO of The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of Western Australia, is urging political leaders and the media to take note of a joint media release from 12 Western Australian building and construction industry associations and unions.

The group created the media release to draw attention to a comprehensive document called COVID-19 (coronavirus) health, safety and wellbeing guideline for the Western Australian building and construction industry.

The document, which members of the group wrote, is designed to supplement the extensive information already available about COVID-19 and how to manage its impact in the workplace.

The Association is part of the group and has pledged to actively promote the document to its members.

Mr Thomas said, "This initiative shows how leaders across the industry have united to face the pandemic and give priority to the continued health of workers. As the joint media release so clearly states, the building and construction industry is an essential service and everyone in it must remain vigilant against the threat of COVID-19".

He added, "The formation of this collective of associations and unions in the face of a common threat should send a clear message about the combined power of the building and construction industry."

"It proves that all trades and professions in the industry, including our licensed plumbing contractors and their employees and sub-contractors, are willing and able to cooperate to achieve a common goal. In this instance, that goal is to protect health and ensure the continued safe operation of our industry."