Supply of gas installation labels

Laws, regulations & standards

As of 31 March 2023, Building and Energy will no longer be producing and supplying a number of gas installation labels.

The requirements for these labels and where and when they must be fitted is detailed in AS/NZS 5601. The requirement to fit these labels is not changing, they will still be required when completing certain gas installation work as outlined in the standard.

The labels that will no longer be supplied by Building and Energy are:

  • ESWA G006 – Caravan installation
  • ESWA G009 - Marine installation
  • ESWA G047 – LP Gas Storage
  • ESWA G049 – Before refuelling – Danger
  • ESWA G072 – Ventilation
  • ESWA G079 – Cylinder compartment
  • ESWA G080 – Warning – vent must remain open

AS/NZS 5601 outlines the exact requirements for each label, including text, size, colour etc.

You can produce these labels yourself to the requirements set out in the standard or source them through other suppliers.

For further information, please contact Building and Energy on 6251 1900 or