Free legal advice for COVID-19 workplace issues


Some employers are eligible for up to four hours of free independent legal advice about workplace issues arising from the coronavirus outbreak.

The advice is available through the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) Workplace Legal Advice Program and involves being referred to a law firm chosen by the FWO.

Eligibility criteria

Employers must meet strict criteria before the FWO will consider placing them on the Workplace Legal Advice Program.

  • They must not be represented by a lawyer or paid agent
  • They must be covered by the Fair Work system
    - In WA, sole traders, partnerships, other unincorporated entities and non-trading corporations are not covered unless they have registered agreements in the national system
  • The enquiry must relate to workplace impacts of COVID-19
    - It cannot be solely about termination of employment, redundancy or unfair dismissal and does not cover topics like tax or insolvency
  • The enquiry must be suitable for referral
  • The employer must agree to the Terms and Conditions of the program

What the Workplace Legal Advice Program provides

In most cases, the program provides up to four hours of free legal advice from one of the FWO's partner law firms. This may be used in one appointment or spread over multiple appointments.

For more information and how to apply

Full details are on the FWO website at Workplace Legal Advice Program – information for employers.