WaterMark awareness campaign has launched, free toolkit available

Industry news

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has officially launched the ‘LOOK for the WaterMark’ campaign. We strongly encourage all our members to get involved and give it their full support.

We gave a preliminary overview of the campaign last week in this news item.

The ABCB is using the campaign to raise awareness of the WaterMark Certification Scheme and the importance of using certified products. Success depends upon everyone who sells or installs plumbing products getting behind the campaign and using a selection of the free communication resources the ABCB has developed. There is a wide choice of resources to pick from, such as words and images for use on social media feeds and websites, videos, posters and answers to frequently asked questions.

Campaign timeline

The ‘LOOK for the WaterMark’ campaign timeline runs from April to August 2022. Within the overall campaign are four separate campaigns or 'bursts' that focus on particular aspects of WaterMark.

  • Campaign 1: tapware burst, April-May
  • Campaign 2: toilet burst, May-June
  • Campaign 3: shower burst, June-July
  • Campaign 4: database burst, July-August

How to get the campaign resources

The ‘LOOK for the WaterMark’ toolkit is a comprehensive downloadable document that explains the campaign in detail and provides access to all the resources.

Download the toolkit from the ABCB website's campaign communications toolkit page.

A video to support the tapware burst, which is currently underway, is available from their LOOK for the WaterMark - Tapware page.