Waterwise Plumber endorsement training

In collaboration with Water Corporation, we deliver Waterwise Plumber endorsement training for all licensed plumbing contractors in WA.

Who should do the training?

The training is for licensed plumbing contractors and licensed plumbing tradespeople who want to become Waterwise endorsed or renew an existing endorsement.

Waterwise endorsement expires after two years, so renewal is one of the requirements of being a Waterwise Plumber.

Why be a Waterwise Plumber

Every licensed plumbing contractor or tradesperson who wants business from residential and business consumer has something to gain by completing the Waterwise Plumber training.

Being a Waterwise Plumber is an advantage because

  • Consumers care about saving water. When they want water-saving products or advice, they know they can trust the Waterwise Plumber endorsement.
  • Waterwise branding is good for business. It shows customers you are using your plumbing skills to help the environment.
  • Water Corporation will promote your business. They provide extensive, free marketing materials including Waterwise website listing and vehicle stickers.
  • Water Corporation chooses Waterwise Plumbers. They give preferred supplier status for Water Corporation programs and projects to Waterwise Plumbers.

How to do the training

The Waterwise Plumber endorsement training consists of 11 online, self-paced video modules you can do anywhere, anytime. Each module lasts for seven minutes and has an assessment.

Once you have successfully completed all 11 assessments, you will receive a digital certificate, Waterwise digital logo and we will send you vehicle decals.

Want to learn more before you start the training?

Want to go straight to the training?

Choose one of the links below depending on whether you are a licensed contractor or tradesperson.