Bidet backflow requirements - new technical note and radio interview

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With bidet douche seats and toilets becoming more popular and the new Plumbing Code of Australia introducing new backflow prevention requirements, the Plumbers Licensing Board recently published a new technical note for plumbers. Recognising the need to educate consumers, ABC Perth radio interviewed our CEO about this important topic.

Since 1 May 2023, all plumbing work in Western Australia must comply with the new Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) 2022.

Specification 41 of the PCA covers backflow prevention requirements for bidet douche seats and those integral to toilet pans. It says that where the outlet in any position is not 25 mm above the overflow level of the pan, high hazard protection is required.

In addition, all Bidet douche seats and internal backflow devices must be WaterMark certified.

For full details of the requirements, plumbers should refer to the technical note on bidet douche seats and toilets.

ABC Perth radio interview with Murray Thomas

On 18 August, ABC Perth radio interviewed Murray Thomas about bidets, why backflow prevention is essential, and why consumers should engage licensed plumbers instead of attempting DIY installations.