Building and Energy clarifies new rules for DIY plumbing work

Laws, regulations & standards

We fully support a media statement from the Building and Energy Division of the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DEMIRS) about the effect of the recent amendments to WA's plumbing regulations.

The statement focuses on the first stage of the amendments, which came into effect on 10 February 2024 and were the subject of our news item WA plumbing regulations have changed.

As a result of the amendments, members of the public can now legally perform the following tasks in their own homes.

  • Maintenance, repair or replacement of a shower head
  • Maintenance or repair of a tap, other than a thermostatic mixing tap
  • Replacement of a cistern washer
  • Replacement of a water filter cartridge
  • Clearing a blocked fixture or waste pipe by using a plunger

As we all know, many consumers already do this type of work themselves. We believe this amendment will have a positive effect because it clarifies what is allowed and brings WA into line with other states.

We recommend all owners check with their insurers to find out if their policies provide cover against water damage or other issues that may arise after they do their own plumbing work.

The media statement says very clearly that consumers should use a licensed plumber for all other plumbing tasks apart from the basic ones listed above. It also has information about other changes, including

  • It is now an offence for a person who does not hold a plumber's licence to advertise or imply that they do
  • From 1 May 2024, temperature control devices must be fitted when replacing a water heater in an existing heated water installation used for personal hygiene
  • Another phase of plumbing reforms is due to start on 10 February 2025
  • Funding has been allocated for six additional plumbing inspectors

See the media statement on the DEMIRS website.