WA plumbing regulations have changed

Laws, regulations & standards

All WA plumbers should know about the first stage of amendments to WA's plumbing regulations, which came into effect on 10 February 2024. The Building and Energy Division of the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DEMIRS) announced the amendments in Industry Bulletin 160.

The Bulletin is available on the DEMIRS website at Industry Bulletin 160 - Plumbing regulation reforms effective immediately.

It covers a range of important matters, for example

  • New definitions of minor plumbing work, sanitary plumbing work and drainage plumbing work.
  • Basic plumbing work that people can do in their own homes
  • The scope of a restricted plumbing permit
  • Advertising by unlicensed people
  • Record keeping and penalties relating to general direction, control and supervision by a licensed plumbing contractor
  • Basic plumbing work in remote Aboriginal communities
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Fees and record keeping for licences and permits
  • Fees for notice of intention to commence work that includes a performance solution

We recommend all plumbers stay on top of all the changes by downloading and reading Industry Bulletin 160.

The second stage of amendments is scheduled to commence on 10 February 2025 and will be covered in a future Industry Bulletin.