Updates on Iplex Pro-fit pipe issue


Building and Energy has issued an update about failures in polybutylene plumbing pipes, while Fletcher Building has published a separate update. Both announcements contain important information for plumbers, builders and consumers.

Building and Energy, which is a division of WA's Department of Mines, industry Regulation and Safety, has been investigating the cause of leaks from burst polybutylene pipes in new homes built in 2019 and 2020.

So far, after testing pipe samples taken from affected properties, their investigations show the leaks are mostly from Pro-fit polybutylene pipes manufactured by Iplex Australia, which is part of the Fletcher Building group of companies.

The full announcement is on the Building and Energy website.

Building and Energy has also published information for owners of new homes with polybutylene pipes and set up an online register for consumers affected by the burst pipes.

The separate Fletcher Building announcement covers its own investigation into the problem and the arrangements it is making with affected builders and plumbers.

Both announcements make it clear that Building and Energy, Fletcher Building and Iplex Australia are engaging with each other and with industry to assist consumers.