Generous wage subsidy adds to advantages of employing apprentices through ATC

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Association members who employ apprentices through the Apprentice and Traineeship Company (ATC) are eligible for the Group Training Organisation Wage Subsidy. This can save tens of thousands of dollars over a four-year apprenticeship and comes on top of the discounted hourly rate that ATC gives members.

In January, we announced the launch of our partnership with ATC in this news item and a personal email from CEO Murray Thomas.

As we explained then, ATC is an industry-driven Group Training Organisation (GTO), Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and labour hire company that delivers superior apprentice training. 

They are also the largest employer of young people in the South West and Perth Metropolitan areas and one of the largest in Western Australia overall.

As a GTO, they remove all the headaches involved in employing and managing apprentices. For example, they take care of everything involved in selection and recruitment, including conducting interviews, reference checks and aptitude tests. Their aim is ensure they employ apprentices with qualities their host employers need. They also perform a mentoring role to help apprentices adjust successfully to life in the workforce.

During training, ATC puts a priority on ensuring apprentices gain a full range of on-the-job experience so they can become well-rounded tradespeople.

While the rate ATC charges host employers can vary according to how much they are involved with each apprentice, there are never any hidden costs. They charge an hourly rate based on a standard 38-hour week plus any non-costed penalties and allowances.

The discount for members

Our partnership with ATC means our members get a five per cent (5%) discount off their normal rate.

Group Training Organisation Wage Subsidy

The WA Government introduced this subsidy in 2022 to assist small to medium enterprises that tender for government projects and are host employers of apprentices employed by GTOs.

The subsidy covers approximately the average award wage for apprentices in the building and construction sector. It does not cover superannuation, leave and other allowances, overtime or over-award payments.

ATC has a place in the subsidy program and can claim up to the following amounts for each year of a four-year apprenticeship.

  • 1st year: $28,534
  • 2nd year: $31,981
  • 3rd year: $34,722
  • 4th year: $39,388

This is a total of up to $134,625.00 over four years. ATC receives the subsidy payments and passes the full amount on the host employer.

For more information

If you are considering hiring an apprentice, we strongly encourage you to discuss your requirements with ATC. The person to contact is ATC Field Officer Tony Martella on 0417 910 124 or email