Media release about Flushable Products standard

Association news

We have published a media release that declares our support of AS/NZS 5328 Flushable Products.

This important new standard specifies the criteria and testing procedures that a product must pass before it can be called 'flushable'.

Its purpose is to reduce the risk of blockages that occur when people put 'non-flushable' products down their toilets. This has been a worldwide problem for many years and became worse during the toilet paper shortages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The media release quotes our CEO Murray Thomas as saying, "This Association is giving its full support to AS/NZS 5328 Flushable Products. There has long been a need for a standard that gives a clear direction to manufacturers and consumers and leads to accurate labelling of products on the supermarket shelves."

Licensed plumbing contractors and their staff who have seen the conseqences of blocked toilets and sewers will welcome the new standard.

Read the full text of the media release