Spare parts for commercial kitchen tapware and backflow devices


As every maintenance plumber knows, finding replacement parts is easier said than done, especially for commercial kitchen tapware and backflow prevention devices. The good news is that two of our Associate Members have informative spare parts resources that save time and should eliminate the guesswork.

  • All Controls sells the Global Tapware Products range of taps and outlets. They are specifically for commercial kitchens and provide a retrofit solution for most commercial kitchen tapware. They are Australian made, stainless steel and durable. Most of their spare parts come with adaptors so they can be interchanged with most other tapware.
  • Hydroflow Distributors distribute most of the leading brands of backflow devices (RPZD) in Australia. When you're servicing backflow devices, their extensive product range makes it easier to identify and source the parts you need.

The major merchants stock products from both companies.

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