Engaging with Infrastructure WA on behalf of the plumbing industry

Association news

Our CEO Murray Thomas has represented the plumbing industry at an important Infrastructure WA (IWA) workshop.

IWA provides the WA Government with advice and assistance that assists with Government decisions about investment in infrastructure.

The Government has asked IWA to collaborate with industry stakeholders to develop advice about how to address the shortages of materials and skilled workers, which are impacting the Government's plans for infrastructure development.

In response to this direction from the Government, IWA recently conducted a Construction Market Capacity Workshop. They invited Murray and representatives of other organisations to attend the workshop so they could provide input and discuss solutions.

One of the topics Murray raised was our 'Building on Solid Foundations' campaign for higher standards in the building and construction sector. You can read all about the campaign here.

Murray's participation is another example of how this Association works for the industry by engaging with state and national government bodies and the media. For other recent examples, see these news items.