Free Plumbing Industry Guide to Safety

Training and education

The free AR Interactive - Plumbing Industry Guide to Safety 2022/23 is now available.

The Guide is an annual resource that will help any business in the plumbing industry work towards a Zero Harm safety culture. The producers of the Guide collaborate with Master Plumbers Australia and New Zealand and the National Safety Council of Australia Foundation to ensure it provides useful and relevant information.

This visually appealing publication is designed to attract attention when displayed on a wall in the workplace. By using the free Pro-Vis AR App, which adds the power of augmented reality, managers and employees can download additional resources to their smart devices for a more engaging and effective learning experience.

This year’s edition covers the following updated and relevant topics.

  • Mental health and wellness in the workplace
  • High pressure water jetting safety
  • Excavation work
  • Working in confined spaces

How to get the Guide

To get your copy of the free AR Interactive - Plumbing Industry Guide to Safety 2022/23, simply subscribe for it at Pro-Visual Publishing.