Warning - running a business from home can void your insurance

Business management

Any WA plumber who operates their business from home must urgently review their home and contents insurance.

This review should include a discussion with MPA Insurance about a policy that will provide all the cover you need for a competitive premium.

Recent media reports have revealed that some insurance companies have cancelled home and content insurance policies and refused to honour claims because their customers operated businesses from home. This has happened to people who paid premiums for years and believed they were fully insured.

The explanation from the insurance companies is that a business creates additional risk. They say they are entitled to cancel home and contents insurance if the home owner did not tell them about the business when they took out the policy.

This means that if your ABN is registered to your home address, your existing home and contents policy may be useless. What will you do if if a fire destroys your home and business records and you are uninsured? Or if one of your employees has an accident on your premises and you have no public liability cover?

Fortunately, all MPA Insurance policies provide cover for home office use for plumbing businesses.

The best way to be sure is to call MPA Insurance today on 08 6141 3189.