If you missed the FlatRateNOW webinar, you can see it now

Member benefits

The introductory webinar on FlatRateNOW's brilliant quoting and invoicing solution is available for on-demand viewing.

Earlier this month we announced our new partnership with FlatRateNOW, the company with the powerful software that can help to increase your sales and customer satisfaction. FlatRateNOW is entirely Australian-owned with an Australian-based support team and designed their product around the needs of Australian plumbers, drainers, gasfitters and electricians.

The CEO of FlatRateNOW gave a webinar today to provide details of the system and advantages it delivers.

The webinar was recorded and any member who missed it or wants to see it again, can view the video here.

We highly recommend FlatRateNOW and encourage all members to learn more about it.