New requirements for property sewer connections

Laws, regulations & standards

Building and Energy have published Industry Bulletin 163 to inform WA plumbers that drainage plumbing includes property sewer connection all the way to the junction on the main sewer. This work must be done under the supervision of a licensed plumbing contractor and certified with the Plumbers Licensing Board (PLB).

Until recently, PLB certification was not needed. The change is the result of consultation between Water Corporation and the Plumbers Licensing Board.

The certification requirements include submission to the PLB of a notice of intention, notification of drainage work completed, certificate of compliance and a drainage plumbing diagram (DPD).

The PLB will enforce this from 1 July 2024.

Industry Bulletin 163 has a full explanation of what the PLB and water services providers such as Water Corporation require. It also includes links to further information about land development, sewer junctions and works that are close to or on Water Corporation assets.

Download and read Industry Bulletin 163.