Reminder about working safely in roof spaces

Laws, regulations & standards

Building and Energy has issued a reminder to always switch off mains power before entering a roof space, plus important roof space safety tips.

The roof space of a home can be a dangerous area. Roof spaces can present serious electrical hazards and the potential for electric shocks is high.

Under WA’s Work Health and Safety Regulations, mains power must be off before any worker enters the the roof space of a Class 1, 2 or 10a building, which generally means residential dwellings, apartment buildings or related buildings such as a shed, carport or private garage.

This applies to all workers, not just electrical workers, who intend to enter the roof space.

For more information, please refer to WorkSafe's Guidance note – Working in roof spaces.

If you plan on working in the roof space, your first step is to switch off the electricity at the main switchboard or meter box by turning the main switch to the "OFF" position.

Other roof space safety tips from Building and Energy include

  • After turning off the mains power, use a lock-out kit so it is not turned back on while you are in the roof space
  • Let someone know where you are
  • Use a torch and cordless power tools
  • Do not disturb or alter any electrical wiring or junction boxes
  • Keep thermal insulation away from light fittings
  • If you see any damaged or bare wires, call a licensed electrical contractor immediately
  • Never attempt DIY electrical work

More information on working safely in the roof space can be found on Working in the roof space

Building and Energy is distributing free safety stickers to be placed on manholes and switchboards as a reminder to turn off the main switch before entering the roof space.

The free stickers can be requested by emailing