Cross-connection risk in Brighton Estate

Water Corporation

The Brighton Estate located in Butler in Perth’s north uses a non-drinking water source for lawns and gardens. Known as the third pipe scheme, residents’ garden irrigation systems use bore water. Water Corporation supplies the bore water via purple pipes to 650 homes. The scheme helps conserve our valuable drinking water sources.

The non-potable water service is sourced from five local bores. The untreated water is only suitable for use on lawns and gardens. The untreated third pipe water isn’t safe for humans, pets and other animals to consume.

There was an incident in recent months where a plumber connected a third pipe to the drinking water supply at a property in Brighton Estate. Fortunately, a backflow prevention device was installed which minimised the risk to the community.

We would like to remind all plumbers to be vigilant when undertaking work at properties in Brighton Estate, or on any third pipe scheme to protect the health of our community. 

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