20talk Mental Health First Aid training

Work Health and Safety

Because mental health is a serious workplace health and safety matter and there should be more conversations about it, we want to introduce you to 20talk.

Young employees, including apprentices, are often unequipped to manage their mental health or even recognise when they have a mental health issue. If you are an employer of young people, this can be a problem for you - not just because you have a duty of care but also because of the adverse impact mental health issues can have across your business. We know, for example, that mental health issues such as anxiety are major factors in the high drop-out rate among apprentices and the high suicide rate in the building and construction industry.

This is where 20talk come into the picture. They are leading mental health educators who provide an online mental health education platform for young people in the 18-30 age group. They are also an Accredited Instructor for Mental Health First Aid Australia.

We have partnered with them to bring Mental Health First Aid® training to the plumbing industry in WA. This training, which is the mental health equivalent of physical first aid training, teaches people how to be ‘first responders’.

20talk don't have a 'tick the boxes' approach to mental health training. They really care about the work they do and the people who attend their courses, so we strongly encourage you to use them.

They offer the Mental Health First Aid Training® as a two-day course. The cost is approximately $300 - $400 per person and depends on whether a course is fully booked by one employer or is a mixed class, and whether the course is on-site or at a venue arranged by 20talk.

They will be running courses in Perth City and Fremantle in September and October.

For more information

For course details and more about 20talk, visit 20talk Mental health First Aid Training Information.