WA Master Plumbers validated by Channel 7 discussion

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We have issued a media release in response to the Channel 7 Flashpoint program discussion on Monday 9 November about the WA's building and construction industry.

One of the key points discussed by the panel in the Flashpoint program was how the demand for new construction and the shortage of skills, combined with the WA Government's lack of inspection and compliance enforcement, will put consumers at risk of substandard work.

In our media release the next day, CEO Murray Thomas pointed out that we have been asking the WA Government for years to employ and adequate number of plumbing inspectors and get serious about enforcing compliance with regulations.  Murray said it is intolerable to our members when dodgy operators are allowed taint the reputations of respectable contractors, and added that all governments in Australia must heed the recommendations of the Building Confidence report.

See the media release WA Master Plumbers validated by Channel 7 discussion

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