Security of Payment Compliance Program and resources

Laws, regulations & standards

With the final stage of WA's Security of Payment reforms starting on 1 February, the Building and Energy Division of the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DEMIRS) has launched a compliance program. Industry Bulletin 159 has information about the program and links to resources to help industry work with the new laws.

The resources include

  • Educational videos and fact sheets on the new security of payment laws
  • User guides and templates for making and responding to payment claims
  • A contract template (for small value construction contracts)
  • A Factsheet and Retention Money Trust Accounting Guidelines to assist industry understand retention money reforms
  • Industry updates on changes to registration requirements for building service providers
  • User guides for the rapid adjudication process

The links to all these resources are in the Industry Bulletin, which you will find at Industry Bulletin 159 - Security of Payment Compliance Program.