ABC Radio asks our CEO about amended plumbing regulations

Association news

Our CEO Murray Thomas has been on ABC Radio Perth to talk about the changes to WA's plumbing regulations.

The first stage of amendments to the regulations came into effect on 10 February this year and made it legal for members of the public to do some types of plumbing work in their own homes.

In a news item on 27 March, Building and Energy clarifies new rules for DIY plumbing work, we covered the new rules and Building and Energy's media statement about them.

Because it's an important topic, ABC Radio Perth interviewed Murray Thomas so their audience could hear directly from the The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA.

In the interview, which took place on Thursday 4 April, Murray said the changes are welcome because they clarify what is and isn't allowed.

However, Murray also stressed that it is important for people to check their insurance policies before doing any plumbing work.

"You don't want to end up with a burst pipe and all of a sudden your insurance isn't going to pay because it wasn't done by a professional," he said.

ABC Radio Perth also interviewed Steve Walding, principal policy officer at WA regulator Building and Energy.

One of the important points he made was that people must still use licensed plumbers for regulated plumbing work. He mentioned replacing a water heater or toilet suite, or repairing a burst pipe as examples of jobs that require a professional plumber.

To read more about the ABC Radio interviews with Murray Thomas and Steve Walding, see the ABC news item Law changes make small plumbing jobs in own home legal again in WA.