Recording minor plumbing work

Laws, regulations & standards

The requirements for recording minor plumbing work might be easier than you think.

Before 1 January 2020, licensed plumbing contractors and restricted plumbing permit holders in WA had to submit certificates of compliance for minor plumbing work to the Plumbers Licensing Board (PLB).

Since then, the system has been much simpler because all you have to do is maintain proper records in an acceptable format.

Key points

  • Normal internal systems or an Excel spreadsheet are acceptable
  • Keep records of minor plumbing work for at least six years
  • There are rules about the information you must keep (see below)
  • Be prepared to show records to an inspector

What is minor plumbing work?

The Plumbing Regulations provide the definition of minor plumbing work that everyone must use.

"minor plumbing work means the following plumbing work —
(a) the maintenance, repair or replacement of existing water supply plumbing;
(b) the maintenance or repair of an existing water heater;
(c) the connection of a garden reticulation system to a water supply system;
(d) the maintenance, repair or replacement of existing sanitary plumbing fixtures;
(e) the maintenance, repair or replacement of existing drainage plumbing,
but does not include the installation or replacement of a backflow prevention device or a water heater"

Anything else is major plumbing work, including minor plumbing work performed as part of major plumbing work.

What type of records are acceptable?

You can use your normal internal systems (such as your system for quoting and invoicing), provided you keep all the necessary information and can export it when required. This method means you can comply with the record-keeping requirements without doing any additional administration work.

Alternatively, you can use an excel spreadsheet such as this minor plumbing work template from the PLB.

Invoices are also acceptable, but only if they contain the minimum information, are in a format that can be searched by common systems (e.g. a PDF document), are collated into a single file and include only minor plumbing work.

What your records must contain and how long to keep them

The PLB policy on minor plumbing work explains what information you must have in your records.

  • Name and licence or permit number of the person under whose licence or permit the work was performed
  • Date(s) the work was performed
  • Address where the work was performed
  • Type of plumbing work that was performed (e.g. water supply plumbing, drainage plumbing)
  • Category of plumbing work that was performed (e.g. repair work, maintenance work)

You do not need to submit these records to the PLB but you must provide them to plumbing inspectors on request.

You need to keep the records at your principal place of business for a minimum period of six years from the date you completed the work or from when the most recent rectification notice for that work was issued.

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