About us

Who we are

The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Although our name has changed a number of times, we have proudly served the people of Western Australia since 1901.

Membership is available only to people who are licensed plumbing and gasfitting contractors in Western Australia. They are all business owners and most of them employ other qualified trades people or apprentices.

How we assist and protect consumers

  • Our online directory makes it easy to find a registered plumbing and gasfitting contractor.
  • Our online directory also makes it easy to verify whether someone is a member. The directory only lists current members.
  • Our Code of Conduct requires members to adhere to high standards in every aspect of their business practices. Our Management Committee investigates all reports of any behaviour that breaches the Code and has the power to cancel memberships.
  • Our members perform quality work that complies with all relevant laws and regulations, unlike unqualified people whose work is sub-standard and often illegal.
  • Insurance companies will process claims that involve work a member has performed. In contrast, they will usually decline claims that result from the work of unregistered plumbers.
  • All members have public liability insurance. They must show a copy of their insurance details when requested by consumers.

How we support members

  • We help members stay up-to-date with changes to legislation, new technologies and products, and other relevant information. This helps them provide consumers with a more professional and knowledgeable level of service.
  • We provide members with assistance in business areas such as marketing and business planning.
  • Our online directory helps members get more opportunities to quote on new work.
  • Members can use our logo, which consumers recognise as a symbol of credibility and trustworthiness.
  • We advocate on behalf of the industry to government policy makers and other stakeholders.