Report Illegal Plumbing

The Report Illegal Plumbing (RIP) initiative allows licensed plumbers and members of the public to submit confidential evidence of illegal, unlicensed or unsafe plumbing work. We will send this evidence to plumbing inspectors. If the work is found to be at fault, the aim is to get it rectified by the person responsible, commence legal action that may result in prosecution, or both.

One of the main drivers for RIP is that the tip-offs to inspectors will be anonymous. This is particularly important in smaller communities where a lot of people fear that reporting illegal work may have repercussions.

The reasons RIP requires complainants to provide their details is so we can make contact if more information is required or to report the outcome of a complaint and any subsequent investigation. 

RIP relies on solid evidence, so the more information provided the better. For example, inspectors will need a full description of the work including photographs if possible, the name and address of the person who did the work and the name of the property’s owner or occupier.

How to submit a report of illegal plumbing

Please download the Report Illegal Plumbing (RIP) form. After completing the form and attaching photographs and any other evidence, please send it to the email address on the form. If you need assistance, please call the number on the form.