Poor Plumbing Practices

Good plumbing is one of the key building blocks in protecting and promoting health. If a system that provides water through a house or through a dwelling or in a public building is designed, built and managed properly is critical in ensuring the health of individuals that live and work there. In the developed world we see very clearly that as other causes of water related disease are progressively controlled so the importance of plumbing is increasingly seen in outbreaks of disease.

Many of those outbreaks are very small and may not be detected. The kinds of diseases most frequently are diarrheal disease but also outbreaks of legionellosis, disease caused by different viruses, and poisonings because of substances like lead that makes itself into water from the plumbing system itself. And we see injuries like scolding. The important thing is that plumbing is the solution to those problems; its not a health risk in itself.

Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of WA provide commentary when there are news stories about untrained, unqualified tradespeople and contractors ‘ripping off’ consumers. We are a source of media statements, expert opinion, and expert knowledge about the industry. We provide insights into the importance of legislation and issues in a way that politicians may not be able to provide and provide the media with stories about public health risks.

If you see poor plumbing work, please report this to the Plumbers Licensing Board!

Here are a few examples of poor plumbing practices:

Public health, scalding are just some of the dangers from this photo. A handyman has removed the tempering valve and replaced it with a flexi-connection, allowing potentially scalding water to be supplied direct to all internal outlets. You can see the tempering valve that has been left on top of the storage HWS. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

Hot water change over? No problem! Added a hose tap with vacuum breaker!

Lot's of glue and how about the galvanised fittings connecting to the flexi's. Shocking!!

Just install the cylinder in the kitchen...! Must be deemed as an 'alternative solution'.....


"I would like my hot water system to be serviced please!"

What a good idea! NOT!

BBQ anyone?

Handyman active in Bedford....

Seen at a hotel in NSW

Spot the GPO on the left!

It could be worse...

How NOT to make your own 'P' trap....