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Each year World Plumbing Day is celebrated around the globe on 11 March. Typically a range of industry-focused events are held along with media publicity achieved to remind the world just how important our profession is to public health and environmental sustainability. But few people really understand the significance of plumbing as a major contributor to improving lives and advancing human endeavours.


A DECADE ago, the British Medical Journey conducted a survey of 11,000 readers to identify the world’s greatest medical innovation.

From a list of worthy contenders – ranging from the discovery of antibiotics and vaccines to the launch of the contraceptive pill – it was advances in sanitary management that won the top accolade.

It’s great testament to the science of plumbing, which since the early 1800s has been credited with eradicating many fatal diseases and increasing average life expectancy.

Delivery of clean drinking water and safe removal of wastewater are things that billions of people worldwide now take for granted.

During the past year, we’ve seen a number of issues in WA that occur when our strict regulatory standards are not adhered to, such as the contamination issues at the Elizabeth Quay Water Park and unacceptable lead levels found in the water supply at the new Perth Children’s Hospital.

These issues serve as a poignant reminder that we need to remain vigilant and that plumbing is a profession worthy of the highest levels of regulation and professionalism.

But World Plumbing Day is about celebrating our combined achievements.

The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA once again will host its exclusive Race Day at Ascot Racecourse, providing an opportunity for members, families and friends to come together.

With a dedicated marquee, food and beverages provided, as well as plenty of fun activities including mechanical bulls and pool tables, the World Plumbing Day Race Day has proven to be a highlight of the Association’s social calendar and is sure to be so again this year.

Tickets are $155 and there is still time to book by CLICKING HERE or calling Member Services on (08) 9471 6661.


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