Safety matters for small business


THERE has long been a perception that safety is too expensive, time consuming and nothing but a ”nice-to-have” in small business.

But for owners and managers of plumbing businesses across Western Australia, the fact is safety is a mandatory obligation.

To the point where if an employee, contractor or client is injured, you could be held personally liable and subject to financial and even criminal penalties.

Needless to say, safety management is as vital to the business of plumbing as managing finances and tax.

However, far from viewing safety management as a necessary evil, the Association wants plumbers to recognise its positive outcomes.

Implementing a workable safety management system is not just about ticking the appropriate legislative boxes. As well as the costs being tax deductible, businesses with a compliant system in place can benefit from potential reductions in insurance premiums.

There’s more. Studies have shown that workers who feel safe can be up to twice as productive as those who feel at risk.

If you are tendering for commercial and government work, having a recognised safety management system is often a mandatory requirement.

Even if it’s not, many potential clients will favour providers who can prove they value safety in the workplace. So it’s something worth promoting to improve your bottom line.

While traditional safety management systems may have been geared towards big business, the good news is we have a solution designed specifically for trades and small businesses.

SafeX is a software platform designed in WA and is coupled with support services from Perth-based safety consultancy USSA Global. And MPGA is offering SafeX at a subsidised price for members.

To ensure SafeX offered value to our industry, we spent the past year carrying out pilot programs with several plumbing businesses.

In the mean time you can find out how your plumbing business can access SafeX by visiting or calling 08 6166 9399.

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