Builders hit the roof over new plumbing plan


A proposed licensing reform in Queensland would require metal roof installers to hold a plumbing qualification, according to a recent article in Brisbane’s Courier Mail.

The proposal, which is part of Housing and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni’s Queensland Building Plan.

The move, which has long been mooted by the plumbing industry because of ongoing issues with some roof installations, has drawn criticism from builders and roof installers who claim it could lead to excessive wait times and increased costs for homeowners.

But according to Master Plumbers Association Queensland executive director Penny Cornah, the lack of any qualification requirement for people carrying out roofing was a concern.

“There are standards for plumbers, electricians and other trades but for roofers there aren’t and we can’t understand why,” Ms Cornah said.

“Plumbers are taught units of competency around roofing as part of their apprenticeship, so it is a good fit.”

Under the proposal, those wishing to carry out the work would need to have completed a plumbing apprenticeship. A similar licensing framework exists in Victoria but WA and other states have limited or no regulations in regards to installing metal roofs.

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