Improving our plumbing industry


WE know it’s a tough market for plumbers today.

Hourly rates and call-out charges continue to be criticised, there is a smaller number of plumbing contracts and competition is much tougher.

As the advocate of plumbing in this state, the Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association understands the situation that our members and the broader plumbing sector are experiencing.

The reason we exist is to make a better industry for our plumbers in Western Australia - and in turn for the consumers who use our services.

Since our inception in August 1901, the MPGA has worked tirelessly to develop a reputation for world-class plumbing. It’s worth acknowledging the major contributions the plumbing industry has made to our state:

  • Eradicated water-borne diseases such as cholera
  • Developed successful backflow prevention systems for almost every home in WA
  • Helped successfully introduce the national WaterMark program to protect public health and safety

Today, the MPGA continues to work to protect our standards while also providing opportunities to enhance the future through training and education of the next generation of plumbing professionals.

That requires vigilance and action, ranging from lobbying governments over plans to relax legislation, to providing an industry voice to stop unlicensed workers and inferior products being used for local projects.  

We understand that sometimes our work may not be obvious to our members – after all, there’s much behind the scenes lobbying that takes place with government departments and other industry stakeholders that can’t be publicised.

But rest assured, we continue to build our profile and present a voice for the industry.

Throughout the year we kept the State Government honest over the Elizabeth Quay water park debacle, and continue to be sought by media to provide expert opinion on issues such as lead contamination at the new Perth Children’s Hospital.

Everything we do at the Association, from keeping governments accountable to negotiating better deals for members, is geared towards making plumbing better and improving standards across WA.

We are here to represent you, the people who keep the WA public safe by ensuring clean water supply and effective waste disposal.

The MPGA looks forward to working with you towards a prosperous and rewarding 2017.

Merry Christmas and kind regards,
Murray Thomas, CEO

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