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Approximately 65 representatives of State Government, local government and industry attended Western Australia's inaugural Building Summit on 2 February 2016 to exchange ideas on how to improve the building process.

The summit was an opportunity to identify new red tape reductions and ways to streamline regulatory requirements for the construction of new homes, residential renovations and commercial construction.

Commerce Minister Michael Mischin, Planning Minister John Day and Local Government Minister Tony Simpson participated in the day-long event. The summit was opened by Premier Colin Barnett.

It is hoped the summit will result in a better understanding and cooperation between industry, government and the community, which is considered vital to achieving more efficient and less costly processes.

The Building Commission has produced a snapshot of the ideas that emerged from the summit. Further information on the summit, including the agenda, discussion paper and a short animation on the building process, is available on the Building Summit webpage.

Download the Building Summit snapshot.

Visit the Building Summit webpage.

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