Election of the 2014 Executive Committee


Dear member,

Nominations for the 2014 Executive Committee closed on Wednesday 6 November. 

Geoff Kelly will be continuing on as the President for a second term as approved by the Executive Committee at the September Executive Committee Meeting (refer clause 10.2 (e) of the Rules).

Bill Busby will retain the position of Immediate Past President and Ron Grant was elected unopposed as Vice President for the upcoming year. 

The appointment of the Committee Member positions will be decided by an election as 11 nominations were received for the 10 available positions.  They are as follows;

Kim Byrne
Shane Calegari
Bob Goodchild
Lee Johnson
Matt Johnson
Paul Manifis
Paul O’Leary
Phil Roggio
Derek Rowe
Stephen Swan
Peter Thompson

Here is an overview of the nominees to assist you in casting your vote.  You will receive the voting information from the WA Electoral Commission in the post shortly with voting to close at 10am on Wednesday 11 December 2013. 

Thanking you in advance for taking the time to have a say in your 2014 Executive Committee. 

Regards Murray


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