George Dumitrescu of Greenwood WA posted at 7:06 PM 05-Jul-2016

As many other plumbers and associates of our industry I am appalled by the unfortunate events related to Elizabeth Quay. I take it as a stain on our industry!
Observing the limited plumbing inspection cover in WA and also restricted contract administration by the Plumbing Consultants in our state, with many years of plumbing experience behind we formed EKG Plumbing Opinions, a Western Australian enterprise providing assistance on a vast range of requirements. The formation of a team of senior advisers is part of our vision, and this breadth and depth of expertise, coupled with the integrity and discretion that the business has been founded upon, ensures an extra support for plumbing industry in WA.
Being still at an incipient stage but with a comprehensive plan of active involvement we will appreciate an early recognition and support by MPA.
With our regards,
George Dumitrescu

Sue Hughes of Ballajura posted at 11:16 PM 11-May-2016

I'm appalled at yet another problem at Elizabeth Key!!
In fact why did this expensive project happen in the first place, when the government want to keep making cutbacks on the necessities!!

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