ServiceWA app for COVID-19 digital certificates and more


The WA Government has launched the ServiceWA app, which is a mobile application designed to help people connect with WA State Government services. Initially, ServiceWA aims to assist the community manage COVID-19 transition. It is designed for Australian residents or citizens who live in WA or are regularly visiting WA.

ServiceWA brings the following together

  • SafeWA for individuals checking in at WA businesses, venues and events
  • Import COVID-19 digital certificate for secure presentation of your proof of vaccination or exemption on demand
  • G2G Pass to access your travel passes when you travel into WA

To use ServiceWA, you first need to create your digital identity using the Australian Government's myGovID.

For details about how to create your digital identity and start using the new app, go to ServiceWA.

Category: COVID-19