Don't feed the monster


It can become a costly exercise if it’s ignored, so we’re asking everyone to think twice about what items are being flushed down toilets and sinks.

Every year, we’re spending more than $2 million combating wastewater pipe blockages, where about 30 per cent is caused by fats, oils and grease solidifying in pipes.

Cotton buds, sanitary items, pesticides and wet wipes are other items causing blockages, and this is unintentionally feeding the ‘pipe monsters’, part of a recently launched campaign to deal with the issue.

Pipe blockages left unaddressed can leave property owners with an expensive repair bill, if the blockage is on their property.

So make it your business to think twice about what goes down toilets and sinks, and you’ll be saving money – and hassle too.

Remember: only soap and water down the sink, and paper, pee and poo down the loo.

Courtesy of the Water Corporation.


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