Association to launch premium labour hire service


The Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of WA will soon launch a labour hire service to provide qualified tradespeople to the plumbing industry.

CEO Murray Thomas said planning had been underway for several years to ensure the MPGA service could deliver industry specific, high quality solutions. He added that candidates would be thoroughly vetted on a broad range of criteria before being offered to employers.

“When it comes to labour hire service, and particularly trades, qualifications are just the starting point in determining if a candidate is suitable for a particular role,” Mr Thomas said.

“But more important are the qualitative aspects that are often more difficult to determine from a written CV, interview or a reference check without really knowing what to look for.

“Our overarching objective is not to be a ‘body shop’ but to quickly gain a reputation in the industry as the go-to provider due to the quality and suitability of candidates.

“We’ll be fair and reasonable in terms of value to both employers and candidates but we will not compromise on the quality of service or personnel. As most employers know, as soon as you compromise on quality, productivity and reputation inevitably suffer.

“Our evaluation process will look at a candidate’s prior work, their experience in similar roles or environments, and their likely fit with a potential employer and location. 

“That will involve a combination of industry professionals and dedicated tools to ensure the evaluation is thorough, accurate and targeted specifically to the West Australian plumbing industry.”    

Mr Thomas said labour hire provided a quick solution for plumbing contractors wanting to take on more work without the onerous task of recruiting or the overheads of managing new employees.

“Business growth is a major challenge for a lot of plumbing contractors,” Mr Thomas said.

“It’s a catch 22 situation – you need the work to take on new staff but you can’t take on more work without the resources to do so.

“Often it leads to a business owner having to work seven days a week or falling behind on work, both of which are very negative for the business.

“Labour hire – particularly when you know the recruitment process has been undertaken for you and there’s a guarantee of the quality of candidates – provides a low-risk way of staffing up almost immediately, as well as scaling back without penalty.

“It could be for a single job, to backfill if permanent employees are away, or to enable businesses to tender on larger jobs that might seem out of reach.

“This is an industry driven initiative designed to benefit the plumbing profession, members of the public and the future of the industry.”

While there are still various administrative aspects to finalise before the service is launched, Mr Thomas said the MPGA was keen to hear from potential candidates and employers now.

For more information or to express your interest, contact the MPGA on or 9471 6661.  

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