Total fire bans - all building work is now covered by these bans

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The does and don'ts about working outside the metro area during summer.
We don't want a plumber to be the cause of a fire! Pleading ignorance of ban is not an excuse.

All Shires outside the metro have a warning alert system. All you have to do is phone the Shire you are working in and ask to be put on there alert system which is in the form of a sms message. Most Shires are not classed as built up areas!

You could be fined up to $25,000 and/or jailed for 12 months, if you ignore a ban.
It is better to leave the job until the ban has been lifted as you will find that your insurance will not cover any property damage that you cause!

Can I work on a professional construction site near bush land, crops or pastures during a Total Fire Ban? No. You cannot use power tools, including grinders and welders, or carry out any activity that causes or is likely to cause a fire in the open air, unless you have applied for and received an exemption.

Can I use equipment and machinery (e.g. bobcats, excavators, bulldozers etc)?
Yes. But only if a Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban has not been implemented by your local government and not in the bush or other areas where their use is likely to cause a fire. If possible postpone this work as the risk of starting a fire is extremely high. Their use is permitted in suburban or built up areas where the area is sufficiently cleared of flammable material to prevent a fire escaping.

Can I do grinding, welding or other forms of ‘hot works’?
These types of activities are not allowed in the open air at all unless you have an exemption. Can I use an angle grinder, power tools or welder inside my shed? This depends on the type of shed you are working from. You cannot use any of these if your shed has one or more open sides that are exposed to the weather. This is because of the risk of wind blowing through and causing sparks to land on flammable material starting a bushfire. You can use these tools inside your shed if it is fully enclosed on all sides, and has a door and roof to prevent sparks blowing outside. Please be aware of general safety risks when working inside enclosed spaces, including the risk of fumes

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