Updated Pay Scale Summary now available


The Fair Work Ombudsman’s Pay Scale Summary for the Plumbing and Firesprinklers Award 2010 [MA000036], effective 1 July 2019, is now available.

To access the guide, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. CLICK HERE to log in to the Members Area of the MPGA website if you are not already logged in
  2. Click on the Industrial Relations link in the left-hand menu 
  3. Click on the Pay Scale Guide link once on the Industrial Relations page

If you have forgotten your login details of have any issues accessing the Pay Scale Guide, please CONTACT US on office@mpawa.asn.au or phone (08) 9471 6661.

These pay rates are the minimum under the Plumbing and Firesprinklers Award 2010 [MA000036] and apply from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2019.

New rates include the 3 per cent national minimum wage increase applicable from 1 July 2019.

The MPGA advises members that the minimum rate for a level 1 full-time plumber under the Plumbing and Firesprinklers Award 2010 [MA000036]  is now $25.33 per hour or $962.49 per week. Further allowances (or higher minimum pay rate) may be applicable to your tradesperson and it is very important to review the attached document.  

The national minimum wage increase of 3 per cent may also impact rates of pay in Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, so it is important to review your employees' pay rates to ensure they are not being underpaid.  

Did you know the MPGA offers free industrial relations advice to members?

If you have any enquiries on this wage increase or any other workplace relations matter, please contact Rebecca Cutler – Industrial Relations Manager on (08) 9471 6618 or by email rebeccac@mpawa.asn.au.


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