Workforce Solutions

Whether they are employees or contractors, people are the best assets your business will ever have. Unfortunately, a workforce of any description means you face numerous compliance risks arising from the laws and regulations relating to workplace relations and taxation. It also creates time-consuming administration tasks.

That’s why we have introduced Workforce Solutions. It brings you services that will reduce or completely remove the compliance and administration headaches associated with hiring casual employees, engaging independent contractors, providing a safe workplace or processing your payroll. We also provide advice on industrial relations matters.

Five reasons you should use Workforce Solutions

Manage compliance risk.
We guarantee compliance with Australian Taxation Office and Fair Work Commission requirements and all other applicable laws and regulations. In addition, Workforce Solutions shares responsibility for workplace health and safety with you.

Reduce administration.
We can show you how to cut your workforce-related administration workload and gain more time to run your business.

Improve productivity.
If your workforce includes independent contractors or casual employees, we can increase your profit margins by making your labour costs more contained and predictable.

Build a partnership.
One of our key aims for Workforce Solutions is to support you with a long-term partnership that improves the value of your business.

Create a smarter business model.
You’ll be able to make your business leaner and more responsive to short-term changes in staffing requirements.

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