Membership benefits

The benefits of being a member are considerable. In addition to giving you access to an extensive range of member advantages, your membership helps support our lobbying for the industry at government level.

Why should you become a member?

  • Membership value that exceeds membership cost - the tax-deductible membership fee is small compared to the benefits
  • Support in the battle against unqualified people doing plumbing work
  • Use of our logo and free vehicle decals so that consumers can see you are a Master Plumber
  • Assistance with managing business e.g. business planning advice, business marketing advice
  • Free advertising on Find a Master Plumber
  • Stay up to date with industry information - legislation, new technologies, new products, events, awards, etc.
  • Networking

Member advantages

These are outlined in our downloadable guide to the advantages of membership

Industry information and updates via our monthly e-newsletter, magazine and members area on the website

  • Running a plumbing business today is quite challenging!
  • Do you understand your WSH obligations?
  • Do you work with JSA's and SWMS's?
  • Are you paying your staff the right rates?
  • Do you understand the Award you are under? etc etc....

Advertising referrals through our website with direct links to your website

Our Find a Master Plumber page gets around 5000 views per month. As a member, you can upload your logo or advertisement.

Legal advice from preferred legal advisor Pragma Legal

  • High quality, professional legal advice with a practical approach
  • Free initial consultation
  • Free debt recovery information and pro forma letters of demand
  • Outcomes based pricing for MPGA members

We are here to help your business grow, so contact us and become a member!

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