Water WiseWaterwise Plumber Program

It has been ten years since the Water Corporation and Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of WA launched the Waterwise Plumber Program with the aim of reducing water consumption inside the home by retro-fitting with water efficient products.  The plumbing industry has an important role to play in promoting water efficiency inside the home.

As West Australians continue to experience the effects of a drying climate, we are seeing an increase in demand for waterwise products and services with water efficiency our customers’ main focus.  By participating in the Waterwise Plumbers program you will be endorsed by the Water Corporation as providing waterwise advice and services, providing a marketing advantage into the future, especially if water supply becomes an increasing issue.

Participants of the EnviroWest/Waterwise Plumber Program must meet re-endorsement criteria every two years to ensure the standard of the Waterwise Programs remains high and the credibility of the program is maintained.  Continuing to be a part of the Waterwise Plumber Program will prove to your customers that you are up-to-date with the latest waterwise products and practices.

Re-endorsement for Waterwise Plumbers      

As part of the Waterwise Plumber Program, to ensure the standard of the program remains high and credibility is maintained every two years, the Water Corporation require a re-endorsement questionnaire to be completed. By completing this, it also demonstrates your commitment to being a Waterwise Plumber.

Most of you have already completed this and are pleased to know you are an endorsed Waterwise Plumber for the next two years however, if you haven’t received the email and need to update your details, please contact one will be sent to you.

If you are not currently a Waterwise Plumber, the pathway to become a Waterwise Plumber is ONLY through the Enviro West course. There are many benefits and it’s easy to do so differentiate yourself from the competition and become a Waterwise Plumber today.

Contact MPA Skills for your the next available Enviro West course or to register your interest on (08) 9471 6600.

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme

Water shortages and the long-term security of water supply are serious concerns for Australia. The WELS Scheme labels a range of products for water efficiency, helping Australian households to save water and money. The website contains information about WELS for:

Interesting Facts You Should Know

  • A water-efficient washing machine may use only one-third the water of an inefficient model.
  • An old-style single-flush toilet could use up to 12 litres of water per flush. A standard dual flush toilet uses just a quarter of this on a half-flush.
  • A standard showerhead may use up to 25 litres of water per minute. A water-efficient showerhead might use as little as seven litres per minute, which is less than a third.

WELS Compliance now has its own dedicated inbox. Please direct all your allegations of non-compliance against the WELS Act to in the first instance.

About Green Loans

The Green Loans Program is offering free home sustainability assessments to over 900,000 households. Their goal is to help Australian families identify better ways to save energy and water, help save money on their bills, and protect the environment for the future.

Taking advantage of the Green Loans Program involves three easy steps:

  1. Book your free home sustainability assessment
  2. Receive your home sustainability assessment report
  3. Choose which of the recommended actions you will take to improve your home.

The home sustainability assessment identifies actions as simple as switching to energy efficient lights and replacing shower heads. It also recommends bigger changes such as installing a solar hot water or a grey water system.

Green Loans Subsidy

On 19 February 2010, the Government announced changes to the Green Loans Program. These changes are designed to ensure the program can meet the strong demand for free home sustainability assessments.
The loans component of the program was discontinued as of 22 March 2010. Existing loans are not affected by these changes.]

We encourage householders to visit the Living Greener website for more information on government programs and available financial support.

Living Greener

The Living Greener website provides a starting point for information about living more sustainably and reducing your environmental impact. It also includes information on government programs and financial support.

The Living Greener website provides links to Australian, State and Territory Government websites, and websites sponsored by the Australian Government. In the future, it will link to local government websites as well.

Act Now for the Future

The Act Now website is provides practical ways you can act now to improve our future in Western Australia.