Membership benefits

The benefits to becoming a member of the Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association are considerable. In addition to extensive personal and professional advantages, your membership helps support the efforts of MPGA to advocate for the industry at the government level.

Why should you become a member?

  • Reason to join - membership value that exceeds membership cost.

    The cost of membership is small compared to the marketing benefits (how many ‘average-sized’ jobs needed to recover annual cost of membership?)

  • Support to compete against non-qualified contractors/tradies.

    We help members acquire and retain clients by educating the public about the importance of using legally registered and qualified contractors. We respond to proposed government policy changes by providing convincing arguments in support of a regulated industry. We brief government ministers about the importance of a regulated industry and other matters.We brief the media about events and issues.

  • Assistance with managing business e.g. business planning advice, business marketing advice.

    We provide services such as Workforce Solutions that minimise business risks and reduce admin workload.

  • Evidence of credibility for own marketing purposes
  • Free advertising on Find a Master Plumber and Look Local WA websites.

    We help members get new business enquiries.

  • Stay up to date with industry information - legislation, new technologies, new products, events, awards, etc. We keep members informed via magazine, email and events
  • Networking
  • Find reliable apprentices or well-trained qualified tradespeople. Our training services provide members with the best available apprentices or newly qualified tradespeople.

Industry information and updates via our monthly e-newsletter, magazine and members area on the website

  • Running a plumbing business today is quite challenging!
  • Do you understand your WSH obligations?
  • Do you work with JSA's and SWMS's?
  • Are you paying your staff the right rates?
  • Do you understand the Award you are under? etc etc....

Saving on banking products

  • MPGA has extended its relationship with Commonwealth Bank with regard to:
    • Day to day banking
    • Asset finance
    • Commercial finance
    • Investment products

Workforce Solutions for businesses

  • Do you have independent contractors in your workforce? Learn more

Discount with apprentice hire through MPA Skills Apprentice Employment

  • MPA Skills is an employer of over 190 plumbing apprentices in WA
  • They give confidence, support, flexibility and productivity to a host employer

Advertising referral through our website with direct links to your website

  • Did you know that our "FIND A PLUMBER" page featured on our website gets around 5000 views per month?
  • Did you know that this is how the consumer finds you?
  • As a member you can upload your logo or advertisement to this feature

Exclusive advertising offer with Community Newspaper Group

  • When displaying the MPGA logo in your advertisement, you are eligible for an exclusive special industry offer to help promote your business

Legal advice from preferred legal advisor Pragma Legal

  • High quality, professional legal advice with a practical approach
  • Free initial consultation
  • Free debt recovery information and pro forma letters of demand
  • Outcomes based pricing for MPGA members

Use of the MPGA WA logo & free vehicle decals

  • Consumers will notice you when you are out and about as being a Master Plumber

Members get a discount on E-Plan/Sewer Junction Drawings

  • MEMBERS - The service cost per DPD is FREE and sewer junction drawings are $16.50 (GSTinc)
  • NON-MEMBERS - The service cost per DPD is FREE and sewer junction drawings are $21 (GSTinc)

And last but not least, MPGA membership fee is tax deductable!!

We are here to help your business grow, so contact us and become a member!

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